Saint Augustine Lawn Care

lawn care tips for saint augustine grass lawns

Leveling An Uneven Lawn

Uneven lawns are an eyesore for many people, can sometimes be unsafe, and can make a lawn area unsuitable for any sort of activity such as backyard sports or even just being able to set up tables or

Repairing Unusual Dead Patches In Lawns

As lawn owners we are sometimes faced with some perplexing problems to solve to determine the cause and cure of any number of issues with our lawns as they arise. One of these problems which can

Saint Augustine Lawn Seeding

Seeding in Saint Augustine grass lawns can be a concern for many lawn owners. While all lawn types go to seed, as do all plants in one form or another, the differences in how these seeds present

How To Remove An Old St Augustine Lawn

Lets face it, many Saint Augustine lawns, especially those grown in full sun, can oftentimes have a limited lifespan. The main reason for this sometimes limited lifespan is the ever increasing thatch

Aerification Of Saint Augustine Grass

Lawn coring or aerification provides many benefits for home lawns, and this is especially true for many Saint Augustine grass lawns too. And the major benefit for aerating Saint Augustine lawns is

Can Saint Augustine Grass Be Vertimowed

Vertimowing is one term used to describe the de-thatching process for lawns. The process is designed to remove the old dead layer of thatch from lawns, so that the lawn can regenerate itself while

Repair A Damaged Saint Augustine Lawn

While Saint Augustine grass does do a very good job at standing up to wear and tear, it can still become damaged due to overuse for long periods of time, or through neglect of good lawn care

Repair A Water Logged St Augustine Lawn

Many regions have soil types which have a heavy silt or clay content which often results in the soil constantly retaining too much water at all times. It’s the very fine particles within these soil