Mole crickets are another garden pest that can cause damage to our Saint Augustine lawns. These unusual looking creatures will burrow and tunnel underneath our lawns in all directions, happily eating

One of the more nasty pests which often strikes fear into all lawn owners is Army Worms, which are so named because they are most often known for encroaching on lawns in very large numbers, and

Saint Augustine grass is actually a wonderful lawn type for naturally repelling ants. And for most healthy Saint Augustine lawns - ants will rarely if ever become a nuisance. This is due to the thick

Billbugs are another one of our bug friends which like to lay their eggs in our beautiful lawns, unfortunately for us, these eggs hatch into larvae, which then feed on the roots of our turf, and they

Japanese Lawn Beetle can equally affect a Saint Augustine lawn, as it can with any other lawn type. The damage from Japanese Beetle occurs when the grubs from these beetles, called larvae, eat

There can be many reasons why a lot of birds will become active on a Saint Augustine lawn at any one time. When in small quantities - birds are a natural part of the world around us, and are to be

Black beetle can be a problem for owners of all lawn types, including Saint Augustine grass lawns. A native of Africa, the black beetle goes through various life stages, each of which can cause at