Saint Augustine Lawn Care

lawn care tips for saint augustine grass lawns

Maintaining And Servicing Our Lawn Mowers

A quality lawn mower is a big investment, and ensuring a long life for the machine, with the least troubles, and for reliable high quality lawn mowing, always comes down to the small investment of

Risks Of Mowing Lawns Too Infrequently

A healthy Saint Augustine lawn which is flourishing and growing rapidly at or above peak growing rates, will require a lawn mowing frequency that is exactly matched to the growth rate of that lawn

Different Ways To Recycle Lawn Clippings

Having a lawn requires lawn mowing, and mowing lawns always produces lawn clippings, which over the life of a lawn can be an absolute abundance. So many of us have the continuing bad habit of tossing

How To Mow Lawns Like A Professional

Mowing lawns can seem like a very simple task, after all, what’s really involved? We start the mower and push it over the grass, the grass is cut, and that’s about it. Right? Well, actually, when we

Mulch Mowing Lawns

Mulch lawn mowing has continued to rapidly increase in popularity in recent times. While mulch mowing is not a new concept, most of us have been catching our grass clippings for so long now, it can

How Often To Mow Saint Augustine Grass

A healthy Saint Augustine grass lawn can grow at a very fast rate during peak growing seasons, in fact, a Saint Augustine lawn which is receiving adequate water and nutrients can grow very quickly in

How To Mow an Overgrown St Augustine Lawn

Saint Augustine grass is a major concern when it becomes overgrown, and if the lawn is not managed or mowed properly when it is in an overgrown state, a St Augustine grass lawn will become at high