Saint Augustine Lawn Care

lawn care tips for saint augustine grass lawns

Leaf Spot In Saint Augustine Grass

Leaf Spot is another of the fungal lawn diseases that can affect Saint Augustine Grass. The disease is most easily recognisable by the elongated spots which appear on the Saint Augustine grass leaf

Powdery Mildew In St Augustine Grass

Another of the more common lawn diseases to affect St Augustine grass is Powdery Mildew. Powdery Mildew not only affects lawns and grasses of all types, but also affects all plant types too. So in

Fairy Ring In Saint Augustine Grass

Fairy Ring is a fungal disease which affects all types of lawns, including Saint Augustine grass. Fairy Ring is most noticeable and distinguished as creating large round patches in a lawn, with the

Take All Root Rot In St Augustine Grass

Take All Root Rot is a relatively newly discovered turf disease which is becoming more prevalent on lawns. Saint Augustine grass was the first lawn type which was discovered to be harbouring this new