Saint Augustine Lawn Care

lawn care tips for saint augustine grass lawns

How To Instal A New Lawn

This new lawn instalation was necessary and long overdue, the original Bermudagrass lawn was entirely unsuitable for the lawn area due to heavy shade conditions, which over the years slowly weakened

Simple Daily Lawn Care

When it comes to our lawn care practices to have a healthy lawn, and in fixing any problems with our lawns, many of us seem to follow the same pattern of only ever correcting lawn issues when any

Fertilization Of Saint Augustine Lawns

It doesn't matter which type of St Augustine lawn we're fertilizing , the requirements for fertilization of all St Augustine lawns is almost exactly the same as with any other turf variety. Despite

Over Fertilization Of St Augustine Grass

Feeding our lawns with fertilizers really is vital to achieving a Saint Augustine grass lawn which is in its greatest possible health, remains the greenest all year round, and resists weeds, pests

Adding Supplements To Lawn Fertilizing

Many lawn fertilizers on the market today can sometimes contain only a few basic nutrients, which will usually be 3 of the major nutrients, and perhaps two or three minor nutrients which are also

Saint Augustine Winter Lawn Care

All lawns have a susceptibility to lose at least some of their dark green color and health over Winter, this is due to the lawn going into a state of semi-dormancy, and in these times the lawn has no

Saint Augustine Lawn Turning Brown

Having a Saint Augustine lawn turning brown can cause concern for many homeowners. Saint Augustine lawns turning brown can be either a natural part of the life cycle of the lawn through the different

Saint Augustine Lawn Care Tips

These are some basic Saint Augustine lawn care tips to follow to keep our lawns in the best and healthiest condition possible. Should the lawn encounter any other turf problems, then further research

Can Saint Augustine Grass Be Grown From Seed

All new roll on sod can be an expensive option for many people, especially when we begin talking about new lawns for larger areas to be turfed. Saint Augustine grass is no exception to this rule, and

Organic Lawn Fertilizer Recipe

These are two variations of a widely known and highly respected organic lawn fertilizer recipe. It has been used on lawns and gardens around the world with great success, so we're are confident to

Creating An Environmentally Friendly Lawn

We're all concerned with our environmental footprint these days, and a fair bit of criticism has been put onto our lawns as somehow not being very environmentally friendly, when in fact - our lawns

Winter Color in Saint Augustine Lawns

All Saint Augustine lawns have a tendency to lose a lot of their natural dark green color over the Winter months. It doesn't matter what the Saint Augustine grass type or brand is, there is hardly a