Saint Augustine Lawn Care

lawn care tips for saint augustine grass lawns

St Augustine Weed Sprays

Controlling weeds in Saint Augustine lawns can require different types of weed sprays which may also be used differently, and with different guidelines for safety and application from their manufacturers. While there can be many different variables in their use and application, there are some universal lawn care tips which will greatly increase the effectiveness of many weed treatments for Saint Augustine grass.

We'll cover some of the things which can help achieve the greatest benefit from weed sprays when used on St Augustine grass lawns.

Read Manufacturers Recommendations

Each herbicide is different and will require different application methods, application times, and quantities and dilutions for any given product. Be sure to carefully read the directions on the herbicide label before ever using a herbicide on a lawn.

Buy Saint Augustine Safe Herbicides

Many lawn herbicides are not safe for use on Saint Augustine grass, and can severely damage the Saint Augustine lawn after application. More generally it will be the broadleaf weed sprays where some brands will not be suitable for use on St Augustine lawns.

These days there are many herbicides which have been specially formulated for safe use on Saint Augustine grass. Be sure to check the label before purchase of any herbicide when it’s being bought for use on Saint Augustine grass.

Measure The Lawn Area First

Before we can safely apply not only herbicides, but also pesticides and lawn fertilizers to a Saint Augustine lawn, we will need to work out the size of the lawn area so that we can correctly apply all products within safe manufacturers guidelines.

Once the lawn is measured we can then work out exactly how much of any product we should apply to our turf, and then to measure these quantities prior to treatment.

Fertilize Lawns Before Weed Spraying

Weed sprays work far better and with far greater success after an application of fertilizer to the lawn first. Applying a good quality lawn fertilizer 3 to 7 days before weed treatments begin, and ensuring the fertilizer is watered well into the turf.

Fertilizing the lawn before weed spraying will not only aid the health of the lawn in fighting off weeds on its own, but will also promote weed growth just prior to the weed treatment being applied to the lawn; this has the effect of the weeds taking up much more herbicide than it normally would if the lawn were not fertilized at all. The end result being that the lawn weed treatment becomes much more effective!

Do Not Apply Too Much Herbicide

More herbicide, or a stronger dose will not help to remove or control more weeds, but it will run the risk of causing damage or even possible death to our Saint Augustine lawn. So be sure to only ever use the correct dosage of herbicide as instructed on the product packaging.

Plan on a second weed treatment in a few weeks rather than trying to strengthen doses of herbicides.

Span Out Lawn Treatment Times

Often times we must do multiple treatments for the same lawn weeds, or for different weed types on our home lawn. We can run a real risk here of damaging our grass if we're not careful.

If treating the same weed type with the same product, it is often safe to do a second treatment within 2 to 3 weeks of the first, so to give the weeds a double whammy in a short space of time. With the second treatment then working on an already weakened weed.

Any further treatments past the second, or if treating a different weed type with a different Saint Augustine grass herbicide, then it would be best to wait for a month at minimum to allow the lawn to fully recover to good health in between these treatments.

Without waiting between treatments, we could cause damage to our Saint Augustine lawn.

Be sure to read and follow manufacturers instructions for your particular weed treatment product.

Do Not Water Lawn After Herbicide Treatment

Each product will be different, so be sure to read the product label. Generally we will need to wait at least 3 to 7 days after the application of herbicide before we can water the lawn again. The same applies to being careful of the potential of rain within days of applying herbicide to the turf.

Annual Bluegrass herbicide works completely differently than other herbicides and will need to be lightly watered into the lawn after application so it can eradicate the weed at its roots.


Plan Weed Spraying Around Lawn Mowing

We don't want to spray for Saint Augustine lawn weeds either one week before lawn mowing, or one week after lawn mowing. By spraying too soon after mowing the grass will still have fresh open wounds from the cutting which will then absorb the poison and severely damage the Saint Augustine grass. While mowing too soon after weed spraying will mean we are removing much of the leaf material of the weeds which is containing most of the herbicide, thus the effectiveness of the weed treatment falls considerably.

Throw Lawn Clippings In The Trash

Lastly we must make mention that we should mow all St Augustine lawns with a catcher for the following 2 to 3 mowings after weed spraying, and then throwing those clippings into the trash afterwards.

Most of these grass clippings will still be holding onto active herbicide, and by recycling them into garden beds or compost we are running the risk of causing damage or death to other plants in our gardens.

Good Saint Augustine Lawn Care

We've covered all the basics needed to ensure we get the greatest possible results from our weed treatments in our Saint Augustine lawns, and they're all very simple tips.

But we can't forget about good lawn care practices either.

Because when we have a Saint Augustine lawn in good all round health, then it will naturally fight and outcompete many different weed and pest types on its own, and with least effort from us, and with least usage necessary from harmful weed sprays.

So at the same time as treating for weeds in our Saint Augustine lawn, we should be aiming to do everything possible to bring our lawn back to full health and vitality as quickly as possible.

This site is all about Saint Augustine lawn care tips, so be sure to have a good read through to find out how to bring your Saint Augustine lawn up to full health, and to keep it there.