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Neighbor Lawn Weeds

Make no mistake, if our neighbor’s lawn is filled with weeds, those weeds will always find their way over to our lawn too, we can never stop it happening but is there any way we can reduce the occurrense of this weed invasion happening to out own lawns, let’s consider what our options are.

How The Weeds Travel Into Our Own Lawns

Firstly, there is nothing we can ever do to stop weeds encroaching onto our lawns, weeds are a fact of life with both lawns and gardens, they always have been and always will be.

Most weeds will spread via their seed, either in the wind, or on the fur or feathers of animals, on our clothing and shoes, or perhaps when the neighbor does mow their lawn and a lot of debris or dust is kicked up into the air, and some of that debris being floated about may in fact contain weed seeds that may land on our lawns. Excessive rain could also wash weed seeds into our lawn too.

And while on this topic, how many of us have seen those old neglected houses with weeds growing in their gutters, ask yourself just how did weed seeds get into the gutters of housing? Weeds are clever and mischievous little things aren’t they.

Reducing Weed Invasions From Neighboring Lawns

A first step could be to try to divide the two lawn areas with a barrier. We could lay down a single row of brick paving between the two lawns, so long as it’s a job done well and looks good. This is also a good way to stop two different lawn types mixing. If done on a verge then we shouldn’t have an issue with our local government either.

Personally I would avoid any type of raised barrier, as this could be a tripping hazard which could cause injury to any number of people, so it’s best to avoid raised barriers. On top of this we could well find out also that our local government may have a word to say about raised barriers on verges, though perhaps not so much of a problem if it’s done on private property such as a front yard, still though, not such a good idea.

Planting a garden bed is also another option to divide the two lawn areas. Some pine bark mulch or some large decorative rocks, or some thick bushy plants in the same garden bed will also act as a barrier to stop weed seeds spreading from the neighbor’s lawn or yard into our own.

If we’re looking at a front yard problem and not a verge problem, then we could also consider putting up a fence between yards, even if it is just one of those short fences, perhaps 4 foot high.


A simple line of paving divides two lawn types, and a weedy unkempt lawn from a clean lawn.

Controling Weeds When They Do Come Onto Our Lawns

Make no mistake, no matter if our neighbor’s lawn is filled with weeds or not, we will get weeds in our own lawn, only perhaps a little more frequently if we have a troublesome lawn next door.

I haven’t sprayed my own lawns for weeds in decades. I like to have a walk around the yard and when I do I always easily spot any weeds that may be appearing in my lawns or gardens, and all I do is pull them out by hand whenever I see them, two seconds and it’s done. My lawns and gardens remain weed free and have been for years, despite the occasional incursion.

Maintaining Good Relations With Our Neighbors

There is nothing more bothersome and toxic to our lives than having bad relations with our neighbors, it really does sour the tranquility which is supposed to be our homes with a deadly poison which infects our lives for years. So there’s never any need to create chaos or havoc or problems with neighbors, even if their unkempt lawn is causing minor irritation for us.

First we try to find a solution which is least invasive or problematic for both us and neighbor.

Perhaps there is a reason why their lawn is overgrown or filled with weeds? Yes I know in many cases it can just be laziness or even frugality or perhaps even lower living standards, but it may also be that our neighbor is struggling somehow, some of us are booming right now, but many more are doing it tough, or are they perhaps just overworked and completely exhausted all the time? Can we ask ourselves if there is something we could do to help them? Not necessarily mowing their lawns for them, but if they’re doing it tough we could offer our own lawn mower to them to use rather than them perhaps struggling to save up the money to finally afford a contractor to mow it for them? Or could your own lawn mowing man do a quick passover of the lawn next door if the neighbor is elderly? You get the gist, if our neighbor is in need, can we help them, and is this the reason why their lawn may be overgrown and filled with weeds?

Under no circumstances should we ever touch our neighbor's verge or yard or intrude onto their property in any way without their permission. Never. And this includes sneakily mowing the neighbor's lawn while they're out at work for the day, or anything similar. Common respect is due to us all, and good neighborly relations will continue to reward us for many years.