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Birds On Saint Augustine Lawns

There can be many reasons why a lot of birds will become active on a Saint Augustine lawn at any one time. When in small quantities - birds are a natural part of the world around us, and are to be encouraged. However, if we have too many birds on our St Augustine lawn, then it could be a sign that some other lawn problem may be happening that we aren't aware of but perhaps should be brought to our attention.

Ruling Out Obvious Reasons For Too Many Birds On Lawns

The first thing we need to do when we have too many birds on the lawn is to look for the obvious causes. Too many seagulls on a home lawn which is situated next to a fish and chip shop near the waterfront is one very easy such clue, but we should also be aware of other factors in the immediate environment of our lawns. Such as a neighbor who is regularly feeding wild birds, fruit trees or other trees which the birds may be finding as an attractive food source which may be growing nearby could also be the reason.

Once we've ruled out any obvious factors, we can then begin to look at our own Saint Augustine lawns, and try and discover why so many birds are choosing our lawns.

Something Is Attracting The Birds

If we have an excessive number of birds on the lawn, then something is attracting them to our lawn more than what should otherwise be the case. which brings us to two possible reasons.

We either have an abundant food source on our lawns, or we have a lot of trees on our property which is also attracting the birds for food or shelter. As this is a lawn care site, we're going to concentrate on the possibility that our lawn has become a food source for these birds.

Our Saint Augustine Lawn As A Food Source For Birds

Excessive numbers of birds are on our lawns for a reason, and this reason will usually be food.

Food for birds will usually be seeds or bugs, or both.

Going back to the trees again, if we have a lot of trees on our property then these trees could be dropping seeds which are attracting the birds, and which the birds are now feeding from.

However, the other problem of bugs in the lawn could be far more serious, and the birds could actually be a warning to us that something is wrong with our lawns, and that we may just have an invasion of pests in our lawn.

Weeds In Saint Augustine Grass

Some weeds can produce seeds which birds love to eat, other weed types will produce underground corms which other types of birds, especially those in the parrot family, will love to dig out of the ground while messing up our beautiful Saint Augustine lawns. If this is the case, then some good weed treatments may be in order.

Pests In Saint Augustine Grass

Lets face it, most lawn pests are a major problem for home lawns. Lawn pests such as cutworm, lawn beetle, caterpillars, moths and sod webworm all spell disaster for the turf. So our friends the birds could possibly be feeding on these very lawn pests.

If we've ruled out other options, then looking for pests in the Saint Augustine lawn should be of high importance to us, because a lawn invaded by armyworm or other nasty pests can become quickly devastated within days if the problem isn't identified and remedial action taken to remove the pests.

There are different ways of identifying these different lawns pests which we'll cover in other articles, but for now it's enough to know that birds may be a symptom of a much bigger underlying problem which could eventually devastate our Saint Augustine lawn.

Too Many Birds On Saint Augustine Lawn

There are many different reasons for having a lot of birds on our lawn, some causes may be harmless, while others may require some minor action on our parts, and in the worst case, may require a little more investigating and treatment of the lawn for pests.

So be a little curious and try to determine just what's attracting the birds, and it may possibly save us some troubles at a later time if it turns out the worst case scenario were in effect.