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How To Maintain Lawn Edges

One of the ultimate finishing touches that can make every lawn into a masterpiece, is when the edges of a lawn are maintained in a crisp condition at every lawn mowing service. Whether the lawn edging is being done along pathways, paving, concrete surfaces or gardens beds, a crisp lawn edge will indeed add class and refinement to every lawn.

There are several tools available for lawn edging, all of which will work differently, will need to be used differently, and will each give a slightly different result. And of course, price of the edging tool will be a factor to consider also.

Hand Edging Tools

A specialized long handled tool with a spiked wheel at the end can go over lawn edges quite quickly, providing the turf edges haven’t been left to overgrow too far onto paths. Available for only a few dollars at any good gardening tool store, a hand edging tool is the budget solution to maintaining lawn edges, though the results will not generally be as good, nor the job done as quickly as with other lawn edging methods.


String Trimmer Edging Attachment

Beautiful Lawn Edges

Some new string trimmer attachments have been invented and produced in recent years that are a boon for maintaining lawn edges quickly and professionally. Unlike other attachments for string trimmers, these lawn edging attachments are more like a guiding system for the head of the machine, whereby the trimmer can be used vertically along lawn edges while the guide attachment maintains a correct cutting guide for the string which is cutting the edges.

The beauty of the string trimmer attachment is the trimmer itself remains fully usable as a normal string trimmer while the attachment is on the machine. Meaning the trimmer can still be used to trim around fencing and other obstacles on the lawn, and then simply flip the trimmer vertically to produce beautiful lawn edges, without ever stopping the machine or our work movements.

These lawn edging attachments are economically priced, and because they are an attachment for an existing piece of garden machinery, no other machine needs to be purchased, stored or maintained, which makes them a very practical choice.

Dedicated Lawn Edging Machines

Lawn Edging Machine

A dedicated lawn edging machine using a gas engine and steel edging blade will often give the best and crispest lawn edges of all, no matter if it’s along a hard surface or a soft garden edge.

These lawn edging machines can come so many different configurations, shapes and sizes. From the very small and ultra light machines utilizing a 2 cycle gas engine, to a larger machine using a 4-5HP engine for commercial use, as well as other options too.

Dedicated lawn edgers can be sourced from reputable local and international manufacturers, and can also be found quite cheaply as lower quality chinese imports. Though one must remember with purchases like these, especially with engine and machine build quality, that paying the extra for quality now will ensure a hassle free machine that ‘just works’ whenever it’s needed, does an excellent job, can last for many many years if maintained correctly, will be far more reliable and need less repairs, and does hold its value over time.

Dedicated lawn edges with steel blades can be noisy when lawn edging is being done along hard surfaces, and do require a little practice to get used to. While they may look daunting to some, they are quickly accustomed to and used with ease after ongoing practice.

Be sure to check the types and pricing of lawn edger blades before purchasing a lawn edger. Blades will need to be replaced regularly over the life of the machine, more so when a lot of edging is being done along hard edges, and the cost of blades can add up.

A lawn edger is a wonderful addition to our lawn care arsenal, and will ensure a pro finish to many different lawn types and in many situations.