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Ego Cordless Blower Review

I first delved into the new world of cordless outdoor power equipment (OPE) a couple of years ago with a purchase of a new Ego cordless leaf blower. Cordless garden tools were something new which had been fascinating me for some years already, but I always kept delaying that first step into new waters, always cautious, and uncertain about whether this new technology

was ready yet or not.

Despite constantly holding off, and continually waiting for technologies to keep improving, my hand was finally forced a couple of years ago, when the chronic arm and shoulder pain from using my old 4 stroke gas powered leaf blower for so many years had finally taken me to breaking point, whereby something had to change, and fast, to bring relief from so much pain. And the only way to bring that relief for me, was in the form swapping over to a cordless leaf blower, whether or not they were yet up to task no longer mattered, I would have to make the switch to a much lighter and smaller machine, and deal with whatever compromises I had to make later.

Why I Chose The Ego Handheld Cordless Blower

I did a great amount of research at the time, and knowing what I wanted and expected from a leaf blower, and in weighing up many different factors, I came to the conclusion that the Ego might best suit my requirements, though it was still a huge leap of faith for me to convert over to my first cordless garden tool.

Your own needs, preferences and requirements may be entirely different from my own, Ego at the time seemed right for me, though for any different person their requirements may lead them to another type of leaf blower or brand. So be sure to do your own research too and find the best blower which is most suited to your own personal needs and preferences, as there are a lot of very high quality products out there to choose from.

Ego Cordless Leaf Blower Review

First, my setup, like we should always mention when talking about the different variables powering our cordless tools. However in this case there’s not much to reveal as there are no variables with a cordless leaf blower other than choice of battery size. For me, weight was the overall most important factor, so I chose the lightest battery available, the 2.5 amp battery.

I would imagine that one of these batteries might do the blowing at an average sized home after lawn mowing, perhaps 7 times, which is excellent. I’m very happy with the battery life even with these smallest batteries.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, whenever we begin to use cordless outdoor power equipment, we will automatically adjust our usage to that new machine. And in this case I first began to realise that I didn’t need all that wind power I used to throw at pathways with the old blower, even though the new cordless blower was equally if not more powerful than the old gas powered model, I retaught myself to use less power by dialling down the power switch, which then of course made the battery last longer again.


A very well used Ego blower, a pleasure to use, and so light

All of my old arm and shoulder pain caused by the old gas leaf blower was greatly relieved, immediately.

The Ego handheld blower is very light and very small when compared to any gas powered leaf blower. This makes the blower extremely easy to use and very easy to maneuver around small spaces to get into hidden nooks and crannies around the yard, so as to thoroughly and quickly clean up, with more efficiency and better results than from the gas model I had used previously.

I realise my model may be superseded already, or if not then soon, I can only comment on the model I own and use. So dependent on the situation I will use the blower on low or medium or high, while always trying to use the lower setting. Then when the need arises now and again I can hit the turbo button for an enormous boost in wind. The wind speed and power of this machine is equal to or greater than the gas powered leaf blower I had used for years prior.

Leaf Blower Batteries

The batteries do seem a little on the heavier side when compared to some other more expensive cordless OPE brands, though this is of no consequence at all because the battery weight is still slight and the overall weight of the leaf blower with battery is still very very light.


Ego battery is versatile and easy to hold or place down in any way

What I really do like about the battery are the long wide flat surfaces, the batteries are easy to hold and to carry and to grip or to lay down flat on a table, The battery is a nice well thought-out shape and design, and there is a charge indicator built into the batteries as well.

Downsides To The Blower

The only thing I could consider as being a negative with the Ego cordless blower is there is no variable speed trigger on my model. This may or may not have been updated in newer models as Ego is constantly updating their range in quick speed. But I can live with it, and it’s really no problem at all, just a preference.

Ego Cordless Blower Conclusions

Apart from that one preference, I cannot fault anything at all about the Ego cordless leaf blower, it’s a wonderful machine, a real pleasure to use, and I delight every time I bring it out to give it a workout. Ego hit the ball out of the park with this one, with a great and very sensible design shape, light weight, great power, great maneuvrability, and a very good price point.

I highly recommend this machine. It not only fulfiled its intended purpose of reducing pain and fatigue in my arms and shoulders that my old gas powered machine was causing, it went far beyond all possible expectations I had for it, allowing me to put it to even greater use than ever I did with the gas model. And more than two years on with heavy usage and it still plugs away like a champ, every single time I use it, with all the power being the same as the first day I bought it.

The gas blower would need to be primed, pulled on the cord several times to start, was noisy, and was heavy enough to make it a burden to pull out and use unless absolutely necessary.

The Ego cordless blower on the other hand, I now pull it out to use in so many more situations and so much more often too. I grab it, press the button and I’m instantly cleaning out the back of my work van, blowing my mower clean before a wash, cleaning my pathways at home more often, and so much more; all because it’s just so light, so small, so powerful, and is in use within a second of grabbing it. The Ego blower has broadened my uses of my blower into so many more new territories around the home. Yes, the Ego cordless handheld blower is highly recommended for the professional workman or the homeowner.

As far as cordless outdoor power equipment goes, most cordless handheld blowers are now already in their primetime, they are far beyond ready for the lawn care operator and homeowner too, there is nothing a gas powered handheld blower could offer over a cordless model, except negatives anymore. For anyone who wants or uses or needs a handheld leaf blower, I can only say that the age of the gas powered handheld leaf blower has well and truly ended already. It’s time to switch to cordless, you’ll never regret it, and you’ll curse yourself for not doing it sooner.