Saint Augustine Lawn Care

lawn care tips for saint augustine grass lawns

Leaf Spot Lawn Disease

Leaf Spot is another of the fungal lawn diseases that can affect Saint Augustine Grass. The disease is most easily recognizable by the elongated spots which appear on the Saint Augustine grass leaf blades. The oval shaped lesions can appear several times on each leaf blade, and the disease will be evident in large patches, or may even cover the entire lawn. The inside area of Leaf Spot can be a gray, light brown or olive color, while the outside ring of the lesion will be a much darker color which is most often brown in color.

The appearance of a Saint Augustine lawn which has leaf spot will appear slightly brown or off-color, closer inspection of the lawn will not only reveal the leaf spots, but will also reveal brown lesions around the edges of the leaf blade.

Ongoing Effects of Leaf Spot On St Augustine Grass

Untreated Leaf Spot disease will naturally continue to spread across the entire Saint Augustine lawn, not only leaving the lawn with an unsightly appearance, but also continuing to create patches of turf which may thin out, or deteriorate and create baer patches in its wake.

Treatment of Leaf Spot and all other lawn diseases must be undertaken as quickly as possible after identification. This is due to the destructive nature and difficulty in treating fungal infections in lawns.

Good Lawn Care Practices Are Vital

Good lawn care practices are vital in both preventing and curing diseases in Saint Augustine lawns. Good lawn care will prevent the optimum disease conditions from occurring in the first place, as well as creating a healthy and strong lawn which can naturally fight off any new infections of any lawn disease, sometimes before we ever notice a problem at all.

Strong healthy lawns will not only help prevent and cure lawn disease, they will naturally prevent weeds, and almost all other types of problems lawns can experience.

Fungicides To Cure Leaf Spot

For infections of Leaf Spot, a lawn fungicide can be purchased and applied to the lawn as soon as possible. Lawn fungicides should be applied first and only at manufacturers recommendations. Otherwise, a professional weed spraying contractor can treat the lawn disease with higher grade fungicides than what is available to the homeowner.

Lawn Fungicides and Good Lawn Care

Both good lawn care and lawn fungicide control measures for Leaf Spot are each sides of the same coin in curing this turf disease. Good lawn care practices may cure minor and early infections before they even become evident, but if it doesn’t: then a lawn fungicide will be necessary.

Most important to remember is that lawn fungicide is not the cure for lawn disease on its own.

A strong, healthy lawn will beat back Leaf Spot far more effectively when combined with a lawn fungicide.

However, without the same good lawn care, the lawn will remain in a weakened state, while always providing perfect growing conditions for the fungal disease. And under these conditions, Leaf Spot or any other St Augustine lawn disease will always win.

If you remain in any doubt, or are having any problems in treating Leaf Spot, contact a licensed and professional weed spraying and lawn treatment contractor.

If your Saint Augustine lawn is infected with Leaf Spot and is still new, you may be able to contact the sod supplier for assistance.