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Simple Daily Lawn Care Tips

When it comes to our lawn care practices to have a healthy lawn, and in fixing any problems with our lawns, many of us seem to follow the same pattern of only ever correcting lawn issues when any such lawn problems have eventually gotten out of hand. Such as when we finally notice that our lawns have been ‘suddenly’ overtaken with weeds, or when

the lawn ‘suddenly’ is looking unhealthy or pale etc.

The problem with this method of waiting until there is a huge lawn problem, before actually doing anything in the way of lawn care or lawn repair, is that these lawn problems then have often become much larger in scope and severity, and have caused much greater damage to our lawns before we actually do anything to fix any problems. At which time our task of lawn repair has gotten so much larger, requiring much greater time, effort and cost in order to fix any problems.

Whereas if we had spotted and fixed any lawn problems the moment they appeared, then that same lawn repair could have been done very simply and likely for free, before any real damage occurred to the lawn at all, while preventing any large scale lawn issue outbreak from ever happening.

Simple Daily Lawn Care

Simple Daily Lawn Care is a very simple idea and concept. Which if followed, can very easily prevent many lawn problems from ever getting out of hand, while keeping our lawns strong, healthy and green. Thereby also reducing any great costs of time and expense in trying to repair a lawn which has been overrun with large scale problems such as weeds pest or disease; because any occurrence of such problems is so greatly reduced.

All that’s involved in Simple Daily Lawn Care is that we get ourselves out of the house and into our yards at least a couple of times a week. Taking a relaxing stroll over our lawns, enjoying our gardens and time with our children in our yards, while winding down from our stressful days at work or to help us relax over the weekends.

We’re not actually trying to do any chores or gardening as such, so no gardening tools or work clothing are required. We want the right frame of mind for us to enjoy what we’re doing, which foremost is to enjoy our green lawns and yards, spending time with family, and relaxing.

And as we’re enjoying our lawns and gardens, all we’re doing is keeping an active eye open for any possible problems. So when we see a weed in the lawn, we pull it when we see it; before it later turns into 100 weeds in a few months time. If we notice a brown patch of lawn, then we try to see where the problem actually lies; do we have a soil or watering problem? If so then we take a few minutes out on the weekend to quickly fix it. If we notice brown spots or larger circles on the turf, then we can quickly see and easily fix any lawn disease before it takes over the entire lawn. The same will apply when looking at any encroaching shade that may be affecting the health of the lawn.

It’s such a super easy concept, and no effort at all.

We get out of our houses and enjoy our lawns and gardens, stroll around on them, get the children off the computer games, while giving us a chance to wind down from our hectic days, talk to our husbands or wives and enjoy our gardens, and we can so easily spot any possible problem with the lawn or the garden. We don’t even have to actively persuade ourselves to do it, because we just naturally see such problems when we’re out in our gardens often. And when we do, well we just take a few seconds to correct any minor issue, or take note to look at any other unusual issue over the weekend.


Benefits Of These Simple Lawn Care Practices

The first benefits are obvious and huge. We’re spending time with loved ones and away from technology which isolates us from one another. We’re enjoying the nature which is right there in our own yards, including all the birds, flowers, shrubs and our green lawns. We’re winding down from our hectic lives as we calm ourselves and our stress and become more grounded in what is actually real in this world, which is nature itself. This calming effect can be incredible for our wellbeing, and taking that time for spending time with family will bring greater happiness and bonding over time.

As far as our lawn care goes, well, these enormous benefits are easy to see too.

Quite simply, by preventing lawn problems from ever getting out of hand:

  • we keep our lawns looking their best at all times
  • we quickly repair lawn problems before they ever get out of hand
  • we can fix many lawn problems in seconds for free or otherwise at very minimal cost in time or expense
  • we can stop some lawn problems from ever occurring at all, like noticing that broken sprinkler before a large part of the lawn has browned off before we’ve realized there was even problem
  • we notice immediately when the lawn is looking a little unhealthy and organize to give it a feed with a fertilizer over the weekend, which then keeps the lawn green and strong to naturally fight off any weeds or disease

The concept is so very simple and so easy.

And past all of this, while we’re actually spending this time in our yards, won’t we then also take greater notice of so much more that is happening in our yards too. Not just with garden and lawn health, but in seeing how slight improvements could be made in the garden, such as seeing how plants could be moved or new plants planted for a more beautiful garden, seeing which plants aren’t doing well where they are, and moving them. These are just things we will naturally do and want to do, and all we need to do ourselves is to take this time out to spend a few minutes in the yard, a couple of times a week.

So pull that single ugly weed out of your lawn today for free before it becomes 100 weeds in a year’s time, all the while as the children are hunting grasshoppers and ladybugs, ever driven by their own natural curiosity of life and nature and our world.

Healthier lawns, more beautiful gardens, and family bonding with loved ones.

And it’s so easy.

Supper can wait another few minutes, so switch off the tech, empty the house, relax, rewind and get grounded back into everything that is real, and what is waiting for us just outside our front doors. Go ahead, try it, for better lawns and gardens and enjoyment of life and family.