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lawn care tips for saint augustine grass lawns

This website simply discusses my own thoughts and history with lawns and lawn care.

I've done my best to make things as accurate as possible with anything which is discussed on the site, however this website should not be considered as an expert resource for lawn care tips, and it is not guaranteed to be error free. As mentioned, it is just one person sharing some general thoughts on lawn care.

Do Your Own Research

We hope you've found something of interest and something to think about on our site. We all like to think we can offer something to share of value to others, and that's exactly what we hope others may find here on this site.

However, this site in not intended for any type of research, nor does this site go into any deep elements of professional lawn care routines, nor into any type of deep study of any matter raised on this site. Instead, we intentionally keep all discussions brief and surface level only. For general information purposes only and to share my own experiences with anyone else if they are interested.

So please do not rely on any information on this site to in any way determine the best lawn care routines for your lawn.

Do further research, seek advice from friends and neighbors, read books, and whatever other research you may believe necessary to tackle your lawn care needs.

So if you love the site and find something useful to think about; that's great, but please continue to research for your own self and needs.

Likewise, if you don't like the site or you really disagree on a point or two, or whatever - ignore what you don't like and move onto something else on the site you do like, or if you hate the site, that's even easier, just click on over to a site you do like.

This website is not intended to replace professional lawn care advice, nor to serve as any type of professional lawn care research information. This site exists solely to share some lawn care tips which have worked for me, and may be of interest to others, if that information also matches with any other research readers may have already done themselves.

Do not rely solely on any information at all within this website, do your own research and follow your own findings.